Booklist: Offbeat Alphabet Books

These offbeat alphabet books will open out a barrage of questions and follow up discussions from the child. Read the book by yourself, anticipate questions and read up on topics that you may not know answers for. Here is a short list of my favourite offbeat Alphabet Books.


Book Review: Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

The picture book is a magnificent celebration of colour and silhouettes. It is a different take on the fable of the blind men and an elephant which according to Wikipedia originated in the Indian Subcontinent.

Book Review: The Book with No Pictures by BJ Novak

This book is quite opposite to all the picture books that we come across – with enchanting visuals that support the narrative. The book is inventive, bold, novel and anarchic. Well isn’t that what children’s literature is about anyway.

Book Review: Allison by Allen Say

In his own remarkable style Allen Say has touched upon a difficult subject that not many are comfortable with – interracial adoption.

Book Review: Love that dog by Sharon Creech

Ok, I confess. All the books I review are the ones that I can personally relate to. I actually don’t know how to write about a book that does not affect me in some personal way. This is one such book that made me all nostalgic and teary eyed for a while before I could write about it.