Home Library Ep1: Maths, Science, Computers & English

Many parents have asked me for informative, crisp but fun books for learning boring subjects. The specific request was for a 11 year old boy who wanted to learn the basics of computer coding. The Carol Vorderman Help your Kids With series (A Unique Visual Step by Step Guide) is fantastic for that. I don’t know much about computer coding but the few pages I read made me buy two other titles that help with Maths and English.

Content: I grew up studying Wren and Martin which, if any of you know, was as plain Jane as it can get. The splash of colours and fun facts in this book helped me revise my basics without falling asleep. When I mean basics, I don’t mean learning numbers or alphabets. The math book has statistics and the english book has ellipsis. You get the point. But yeah, it has some pretty high level learning. So maybe it’s not really the basics. Also I don’t recommend the kindle version because it is a visual guide. VISUAL.

Age Group: While I did think the book level is a bit high for a 11 year old, I left it to the parent to decide. The book is positioned as something that can help parents so they can help kids with their homework. But kids are smart these days so they may just end up reading the whole thing in one shot. Also, this is something that you can keep in the house for regular reference.

Value for money: Certainly yes. It’s not going to turn into a hand me down anytime soon. You can buy it, get it bound and use it for several years to come. It is priced at about INR499. I certainly prefer these to the really thin Carol Vorderman books (but they serve a different purpose). There many more titles in this series but they are not available in India yet. You will get import options for these but you may need to dig a bit deeper into your pocket for that.

Did you know?

Go on add these to your home library. Why didn’t we have these books when I was in school. My grades would not have been that low if the books were so much fun. Also, because this post is getting boring I added something fun….

That’s CAROL VORDERMAN! (according to google…the face does match the cover)

Did you know she looked like that?????

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :O????? Damn, I need to workout :(.

Anyway, here is the list with buy links.


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