Book Review: The Pterodactyl’s Egg by Annie Besant

As the name suggests the book is about a dinosaur egg. Actually I am not sure if a Pterodactyl falls under the dinosaur category but it most definitely is a prehistoric flying reptile because it did a lot of flying in the book (psst…. I also Wikipedia-ed it).

I quite enjoyed the book. It is a short adventure that you can finish in less than half a day. In short, the book is a about an egg that is misplaced by the evil Dr POX and found by Sam in the sandpit. The egg cracks open into a pterodactyl that starts growing by the minute. Sam’s sister, Priya, and her mom find out about this new guest in the house while Dr POX sends out her best, BENO, to find the creature. How they set the creature free and save themselves from the evil clutches of Dr POX forms the rest of the story.

The story moves really fast and the plot is not too complicated. Being an animal lover I felt the pinch when Sam and Priya had to part with their pet.

 Don’t give that look. That wasn’t a spoiler.

Come on!! Who can possibly afford to keep a Pterodactyl at home. Have you seen the size of that thing.


Wikipedia it. Duh!!!!!

I liked it. A good break from some heavy duty YA reading. No swear words, perfectly clean with nice inky illustrations book. I am happy to recommend it to your kids


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