Book Review: Squiggle takes a walk – All about punctuation by Natasha Sharma


Well done Natasha Sharma! Woot Woot! If this book had been written when I was in school I would not be making so many mistakes with my punctuation. This one is a real keeper.

A big hats off (you know I am borrowing mine from the big ones Audrey wears) to the author!

Squiggle takes a walk is one of those miracle books that make grammar so much fun. The book begins with a story. Squiggle takes a walk trying to figure out what/who exactly he is. He meets all these punctuations that introduce themselves and their roles. He realises he wants to be some of them but lacks the required skillset. Finally, he realise he does not want to be the others for lack of interest in their roles. The suspense builds up to find out who squiggle really is. Obviously I am not telling you. I am not that type of person (the kind who screams out the end of Sixth Sense in the movie hall).

The book is progressive and funny. I am not just saying that. I was actually giggling like a 6 year old, with pigtails, as I was reading. But the author doesn’t stop there. She throws in explanations, activities and a piece of history about each of the punctuations. The activities are innovative and the trivia is eye opening. For example – Did you know that the question mark may be a Q on top of an O? Exactly my point!

The author has provided a lot of information in a structure that is not overwhelming to the reader. Natasha Sharma also recommends some other books that are great to learn about punctuations.  And oh, did I mention the illustrations are super cute?

Get this one for the kids and for yourself (if you are a writer like me with punctuation problems). This one is a winner.

My request to the author –

Please make this a series. Kids and parents will be eternally grateful. No offence to Wren and Martin but we need a bit of crazy-daizy while learning GRAMMARRRZZZZZZzzzzzz.


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