App Review: Little Things by KlickTock

While browsing for Apps for children, I came across this one. I am completely hooked onto it. This app is perfect not just for children but for the whole family. If you are playing it on a larger device,like the tablet, more than one person can participate.

The game is clean with no foul language or obscene images. It helps you really concentrate as the reward is actually very personal. They tell you how long you took to complete the game and how many hints you used. I am kicking myself everytime the timer crosses 2 minutes because that is a clear indication that I am out of focus.Muhahaha.


In a very brief way I can tell you about the game. There is a shape (e.g. a dominoe, a dinosaur etc) but the shape is made of a million tiny objects. On the right hand side you get a list of items to find. When you find it, you tap on it and it vanishes from the list. Sounds simple but it will kill you. Sometimes, you dont see what is right in front of you kinda like life.

As far as the aesthetics go, the app is easy on the eye with great colour balance and the transitions are smooth and slow.

Download it and enjoy it. You will also end up learning a ton of new words. I learnt ‘Jerry Can’. The sequel to this one is called Little Things Forever.

Note: Finding a child friendly yet fun app is always difficult.


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