Book Review: I’d Know You Anywhere my Love by Nancy Tillman, Feiwel & Friends

You are loved.

How soon is it to tell anyone that? Is it a matter of how soon or how late?

As simple as it may sound, it is actually a very difficult question to answer especially when we don’t know how those three words will change your life forever.

But it is the three most important words that form the core of our existence. We want to love and want to be loved. While the whole world depends on it the most, love is the one thing that the world will always be short of.

Now go back to the first complicated question.

Is it a matter of how soon or how late?

knowyouanywhere3The answer in my heart sounds something like this – the sooner you tell them you love them the lesser the regret later. But the trouble is never with the feeling, is it? The trouble is in finding the right words to tell them EXACTLY how you feel because no matter how much we try, words we create always fall short of the depth of our feelings. It is at moments like this that I recommend that you turn to poetic work like those of Nancy Tillman’s.

Nancy Tillman is an author slash illustrator who has created for herself this wonderful mission of telling children through her books that they are loved. What a wonderful mission isn’t it? If only we could all dedicate ourselves to it….sigh sigh. You may recognise her name from books like On the night you were born, Wherever you are my love will find you and books about the mischievous cat Tumford.

The book I am going to pull out of my library today is Nancy Tillman’s

I’d Know You Anywhere My Love.

It is one of those picture books that moved me to tears. The book speaks of how a mother will recognise her child no matter what form he or she takes. The child transforms into a different animal on every page

If one day we’re walking and talking, just us

When you’re abracadabra, a rhinocerous…

I might be surprised, but just for a while…

I’d know it was you by your magical smile.

 It is not the shape that the mother knows. It is the heart she recognises – a heart that she understands and knows through the cutest and most distinct aspects of each animal.

A flap, A gleam, A grin, A chin…..Through every page Tillman lets you see love for what it truly means.


Love is not one. Love is many. It is transformational. It is not one feeling that you pass on to your loved one. It is a sense of confidence, security, assurance and I could go on forever. The evidence to that lies a lot in the love of a mother for her child. That LOVE which lets her transforms herself for her child into a protector, a guide and a friend throughout her existence to the extent that it gives the child the strength to carry on even after her existence. And that is exactly what Tillman sets out to do. She helps assure children of the existence of that LOVE. To let them know of that LOVE that exists in every mother’s heart.

I believe that it is important that in every child’s first collection of books there must be one that lets them know how much you love them. Start as early as you can get hold of one such book, read it to them and it just might become one of the warmest memories you and your child will have forever.

 I’ll kiss every whisker and smooth every hair…

Because, child of mine, I’d know you anywhere.

I rest my case. Now it’s upto you.


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