Oh No! to All Set!

Oh no! I have been a terrible person. I stopped reading, sketching and doing any of my arty-farty things. I signed up for 2 courses which I did not finish and I have not gone back to my French or German for that matter.

I have just been so busy tackling unnecessarily depressed human beings with complexes and no life. Courting Melissa McCarthy again (actually paraphrasing) – Cut them loose and sail off. They are just anchors pulling you down. So true! I feel better without all those negative people in my life.

I am reading and sketching again. I will first hit you guys with my older reviews. I also need to go buy some new books and feed my poor Kindle with some juice. Bear with me. Also after my courses my grammar should get better. I will not be placing the comma as per my whims like right here, and then I put the full stop here. That looks so wrong.

Smile! I am just messing with ya :).

Old reviews coming up and then new. All set!


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