Lone Wolf

I personally believe that everybody should live on their own for a while. Take out a year from your life, move somewhere else and live alone. Many people I know have never done it and will never do it.

To be independent is not a selfish act. It is a great learning. Many women go straight from one comfort zone to another. They live with parents until they are married and then they move into their husband’s home after. I strongly advice against it.

The first time I had to do it, I struggled. I had to keep so many things in my head along with work stuff. Do you have water at home? It is monsoon time. Do you have a stock of food at home? Did you lock the door? Did you close the windows? Oh jeez. Living at home was a luxury – Maids, Moms, Grandmoms, Sisters etc.

But where the learning comes is really in budgeting. I had to hold a job to pay rent, buy food and just survive. My personal value for money shot up. Every cent mattered. I looked at my balance more often. I did not waste food as much. I did not keep the lights and fans on unnecessarily. I try explaining this to many people who refuse to leave their comfort zone (especially the kids in my family). That did not go down so well. But my point was to try and make them understand that it makes you a better human. It makes you stronger and less scared of the outside world. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle and the thrill of it.

The toughest part is dealing with yourself. You have so much time for yourself. It is only then that you realise how uncomfortable you are in spending time with yourself. There is a constant yearning for people and mindless chatter. We like the noise but it is only in the silence that you can hear your true self. I am now scared of myself. I see things in me that I am not happy with. But the fear is good fear. I reflect so much on my personal traits that I now know what I need to change.

I wish more people would do it atleast for a little while. Embrace the better life. Take responsibility. It will make you less crazy in a relationship because you will never be entirely dependent on the other person for your happiness. You will be just as happy spending time with yourself. Well, I am no pro at this. I am still struggling to get there. But I hope to get there as soon as possible.

Just felt like ranting. More stuff on my diet, book reviews etc coming up.


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